Tawakkal 3 Piece


Tawakkal Unstitched digital print and embroidered

Tawakkal curated selections are in high demand. Their main stock consists of fabrics such as Chiffon, Chikankari Lawn, Khaddar, and Karandi. The Jannan Luxury Festive Chiffon Collection is one of their newest and most popular lines. The luxury exclusive Lawn Chikankari Collection is another. Because of the elaborate embroidery, patches, patterns, and laces that adorn each piece, this luxurious festive chiffon line is the perfect addition to any formal event. The color schemes used in the design of this collection are diverse. The three-piece outfits are made up of embroidered chiffon tops, organza scarves, and dyed raw silk bottoms.

Tawakkal Unstitched formal Collection

During your time with Tawakkal, you'll be led away to a fantastical land full of colorful traditions. Our newest collection is full of shimmering patterns and fine stitching, all of which are dipped in a rainbow of hues and then canvassed on the finest materials. Amazing and beautiful clothing in the season's most on-trend shades may be found in this high-end publication.

Tawakkal Pret collection

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