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It is an upright shopping destination particularly in the field of Stitched or Unstitched Garments. It also has a very wide range for Ladies Fabric. It has created a dimension for one-stop shopping for local and imported items except foodstuff, by offering high quality products at reasonable and transparent prices.

Customer Reviews

I have had a wonderful experience with shomi. I placed two orders and their customer service was awesome. They were very patient throughout the process of me adding and removing items and made sure everything was perfect. I am going to make all my future purchases from Shomi.
Country: USA

Nourin Charania

I have had a very delightful experience in shopping with them. They are affordable and i am satisfied with their 100% original products. Super Friendly and Comforting Staff.
Country: UAE

Zainab Daniyal

I received my parcel all suites very nice Mashallah thank you so much
Country: United Kingdom


Excellent Customer Service. I placed an order online and realized I added an item twice and they were so kind to amend my order and add in some more items I wanted. Since I am in the US, as soon as I sent the Western Union funds, they were already packaging my order plus they use DHL shipping. I will definitely be ordering again!
Country: USA

Annie Yung

I Got my order, i ordered so many times and I always received beautiful dresses and fabric is just amazing along stitching is also very nice , I am very much satisfied!!!JazakAllah
Country: Pakistan

Mrs zohaib

I received my suit today,I'm so happy after seeing the fabric quality as well as stitching is super awesome and professionally stitched with fast delivery service. Now I'm your regular customer..I'll buy my all big event suits from shomi.
Country: Pakistan


Dream place to buy Pakistani ladies dresses online through
the best online clothing store in Pakistan - SHOMI OFFICIAL

No matter how much clothing a lady has in her wardrobe, choosing what to wear is one of the most challenging chores. This is since every time she has a party or function to attend, she runs out of fashionable ideas. Even if there are numerous businesses providing women's clothing on the market, it can be challenging for women to choose where to shop and what to wear. Try Shomi Official, a recently established ladies’ fashion store in Pakistan that is dominating the market with top-notch brands and resolving the ever-complicated issue of a woman's life. Shomi official is one of the fastest-growing Pakistani clothing brands and most trusted clothing stores. Our top priorities are quality and fashion. Anywhere in the world can place an online order. Having a single stop just for your solution offers a wide selection of stitched and unstitched clothing. We offer a wide variety of women's clothing online by keeping up with trends.

SHOMI OFFICIAL - versatile ladies’ fashion store in Pakistan

Shomi Official, which translates to flexibility, dedication, safety, and security, sums up the motivation behind the creation of Shomi Official. We made a promise to you that we would provide you with the best Pakistani ladies suits to meet your physical needs. We guarantee that the fabric and embellishments will have a characteristic that will heighten the elegance of personality. Shomi Official is on a mission to maintain the nobility of the customers and will proceed with the same. Maintaining the nobility of the client is Shomi official's mission, and it will be carried out. Our designers made an effort to create clothes that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Shomi Official is on track to become the industry’s leading ladies eCommerce fashion store in simple. Walk life's runaway with grace and style.

List of top brands in Pakistan

There are many different types of clothing available in Pakistani markets, but if you're looking for a high-quality brand, we can assist you by providing a list of top Pakistani dresses online. Pakistani women are extremely picky about their clothing and constantly look for high-quality brands. Everyone can see the crowd of women in the market who are constantly watching for sales of expensive and high-end brands. So that you can shop online for your preferred brand, we have also included the official brands on our online shopping store. These brands are well-known for their high-quality products as well as for providing the most recent fashion trends and introducing their customers to new and exciting styles. These brands use premium fabric, and skilled tailors sew the dresses they produce. Here we are sharing with you the most popular Pakistani ladies' dresses brands in Pakistan.

  • 1. MARIA B.
  • 2. ELAN
  • 5. MUSHQ
  • 6. ASIM JOFA
  • 8. GULAAL
  • 9. CRIMSON
  • 10. ELAF
  • Do we have a revolution in Pakistani clothing brands via e-commerce?

    With the most recent developments in digital technology, the world's attention is now focused on adapting to the newest trade and e-commerce opportunities. Today, the entire world is literally available at the touch of a button, giving you instant access to anything you want to browse or buy. Since these developments have happened, Pakistan’s clothing brands have also started focusing purely on e-commerce and digital media
    Even though the global e-commerce market is booming, Pakistan hasn't yet seen its full potential. But times are changing, and the Pakistani e-commerce industry has been growing noticeably and steadily recently. .The Pakistani e-commerce market grew by roughly RS 99 billion in 2018 compared to 2017, when the figures were close to RS 51 billion

    During that era, a mass shift in e-commerce helped the Pakistani clothing brands increase their revenue, cutting off the utilities and making the user journey so easy that customers could place an order in an average of 6 minutes. The automation of the user journey from selecting the product, variations, and placing an order to tracking the courier is so easy that customers find it so much of a hassle now to stand in queues.

    COVID-19 has played a major role in the shift of gears for e-commerce stores. When customers can choose between shopping in a physical store and online, historically they have chosen the latter—be it with owned brand stores, marketplaces, or pure players. Urban consumers have no other choice but to conduct their business online, whether it be through owned brand stores, marketplaces, or pure players.

    Revenue in the Fashion segment is projected to reach US$1,439.00m in 2022. Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2022-2025) of 5.09%, resulting in a projected market volume of $1,670.00m by 2025 in Pakistan.

    In comparison to the older generation, today's youth are more internet savvy and eager to embrace this technology. As more people are inclined to establish their own brands online, e-commerce businesses in Pakistan can therefore serve the purpose of increasing employment opportunities. A maximum of Pakistani clothing brands have already set up huge e-commerce departments to target the defined audience. Nowadays, online sales are covering the highest percentage of the revenue.

    Talking about the numbers, here are a few stats for the Pakistani clothing & fashion industry. Fashion is the largest segment in Pakistan and accounts for 70% of the eCommerce revenue in Pakistan. It is followed by Electronics & Media with 12%, Food & Personal Care with 11%, Toys, Hobby & DIY with 4%, and Furniture & Appliances with the remaining 4%.

    Pakistani brands are dealing in the category of ready-to-wear, unstitched, having the sub-categories of formal, summer, 1 piece, 2 pieces, and much more. Moreover, most of the targeted audience always looks for sales as the prices are cut by half, especially in the season-end sale. Everything is for sale in this market economy. Every occasion, holiday, and season has the potential to be commercialized. Black Friday, Eid sales, Christmas Day sales—you name it, someone will always be making money from it.

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