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Ittehad textiles unstitched lawns

In four decades of prosperity, they have gone a long way. The ittehad grass line is pleasantly refreshing because it employs gentle and light colors such as yellow, white, peach, and beige, and the fabrics are embellished with self designs that bring elegance to your style, particularly in white. The neckline and borders are embellished with fine thread embroidery. You don't have to worry about what to wear this winter also.

Ittehad textiles unstitched winter Collections

The House of Ittehad Line Shawl line will be an outstanding choice this winter. This collection includes both stitched and unstitched dresses, allowing you to embroider it to your liking. It is made of pure linen, which is soft and easy to wear during the winter months.

Ittehad textiles unstitched linen collection and prints

Ittehad Textiles is well-known for their vibrant and adaptable linen suit prints. These linen dresses are ideal for formal occasions and will make you appear stunning in any occasion.

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