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How Can You Become a Fashion Designer in Pakistan

by sheeraz ahmed 15 May 2023

Fashion Design has always been at the forefront of innovation. Fashion, like technology, is forward-thinking and cyclical. According to Fashion United, the industry employs more than three million people worldwide. It has a market capitalization of three trillion dollars. That is, it is equal to 2% of the global Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Designers are in high demand all across the world. It is up to experts to be creative to be employed by brands all across Pakistan. Shomi official has a wonderful collection of garments and releases a new collection every season. Apart from this, there are hundreds of garment companies that employ fashion designers. These companies represent both local and international brands. Now we look at fashion industry of Pakistan.

The fashion industry in Pakistan

Fashion designing is one of the major sectors in Pakistan’s textile industry. Pakistan’s top apparel businesses have been working around the clock to deliver the finest outfits to ladies, children, and men. In the apparel sector, new trends and textiles are emerging rapidly.

In Pakistan, only a few brands rise to the top of the market for providing the widest range of clothes. For example, Maria B. online is a well-known apparel line in the country. Customer orders their favorite elegant and classy apparel while sitting at home. Every year, the brand launches its casual, western, embroidered, and bridal collection lines, ensuring the highest quality.

Evolution of fashion industry in Pakistan

Clothing has been a prominent aspect of the Pakistani fashion scene for decades in mainstream fashion. Women’s cotton suits and lawns designed by famous designers in the country have massive popularity worldwide. For example, Elan Lawn is the brand’s enormously popular seasonal unstitched printed cloth series, which debuted in 2012 and has rapidly become a summer essential. Thanks to its constantly refreshed designs, this brand proves to be rather popular among cosmopolitan women who do not want to compromise on elegance or quality in their daily wear.

Innovative designs

High-street fashion has become more accessible to the general public because of mass production and marketing. Teenagers and college/universities students or elite class prefers Western dress in megacities. Some brands are innovative in our traditional outfits to meet the changing trends. For example, Asim Jofa is known for his innovative interpretations of traditional attire. Due to its attention to detail and ethereal atmosphere, his unstitched line is in high demand among Pakistani audiences.

5 steps to becoming a fashion designer

The road to becoming a fashion designer is not smooth. Though breaking into the industry can take years, the following pointers will assist you in getting started.

1.    Get motivation

Take motivation from things you’re passionate about, such as music, art, history, architecture, and, most importantly, people. Use mood boards to organize and revise your ideas when inspiration strikes. Editorial sources, street style pictures, and other aesthetic influences are all permitted for your boards. It’s possible to collect fabrics, textures, colors, aesthetic references, and accessories.

2.    Analyze fashion trends

While a fashion degree is not required to design clothing, having a basic understanding of art, creation, and the fashion industry will help you get started as a clothing designer. If you don’t know how to sew clothes, take sewing or pattern-making, or a drawing class if you’re not comfortable with sketching or computer-aided design. Even fashion history studies might help you get ideas for new designs. Study current fashion shows and magazines to become familiar with the latest fashion trends.

3.    Look for apprenticeship

At the start of your career, your goal is to gain as much experience as possible. Inquire about topics, reach out to partners, and look for mentors. To obtain a better understanding of the things, look for internships or entry-level roles. You will push each other to create better things if you surround yourself with people who share your enthusiasm and passion. And most individuals want to be around people who are enthusiastic about their work.

4.    Build your portfolio

Future fashion designers must construct a portfolio that demonstrates their talents and creative sensibilities in order to show off their talent to potential employers. Students can complete their portfolio with work they’ve done throughout their degree programme, so it’s critical that they approach each task as if they’re going to exhibit it to a potential boss. Portfolios allow people to display a variety of skills, such as sketching, sewing, and pattern making.

5.    Keep an eye on changing trends

Because the fashion industry shifts from season to season, it’s critical for designers to stay on top of the latest trends. This can be accomplished by reading industry journals and magazines on a regular basis.


The fashion industry has emerged a lot, not only in Pakistan but in the whole world. It is one of the most growing industries. Due to advancements in technology, innovations in designs and new trends are emerging rapidly. Although, according to statistics of Pakistan, Customers will purchase apparel through online e-commerce. We have provided some steps for new fashion designers to enter and thrive in this profitable industry.

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